The Most Important Quality A Professional SEO Needs

Search engine optimisation is a young industry. Before search engines existed, there could be no possible demand for a professional search engine optimiser, but ever the since the creation and mass popularisation of Google, which is used to conduct over 1 trillion search queries a year, business owners have realised that ranking near the top of the Google search results for terms related to their business can get them a LOT of new customers. And as industry experts VelSEOity state, it can also help them to protect and future-proof their online reputations, by ensuring that any negative news stories about their business are buried beneath scores of more positive search results, down where no-

Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation - The Perfect Partners

Something I mention to everyone I work with, is that fact that getting more people to their website through search engine optimisation is only a means to an end, not the end in itself. Many business owners tend to get excited when they think of the concept of SEO; 'Wow!' they say, 'You mean I can get all these people to my website for free, every month, just by ranking near the top of Google? Awesome!' And indeed, this is awesome, but let's just take a second to remember what the end goal of their online marketing campaigns must be; to generate more sales leads and customers. Therefore, search engine optimisation is merely the first step in the process, and the next step is getting as many p

Case Study: An Analysis of the Van Ellen and Sheryn Website

Hello and welcome to the latest in my series of website review case studies! One of my favourite things about doing these case studies is getting the chance to look at websites which are already doing a lot of things right; websites which may have had a fair amount of time and effort spent on making them look as attractive, modern and professional as possible, but which still have a decent amount of room for improvement from a search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation point of view. The subject of today's review; the website of the architecture practice Van Ellen and Sheryn, is a perfect example of this. A very nice looking website, which communicates a clear sense of legit

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