Infographic: The Value of Google Positioning

Often, when discussing my SEO services with potential (and current) clients, I find it's very helpful to have statistics on hand to demonstrate to them why search engine optimisation is so valuable, and to show how lucrative it can be to rank in the top few positions in Google's search results for certain keywords. To this end, I frequently refer people to this study by Chitika, which clearly outlines how important it is to rank as high up in Google as you can, given that so much of the search engine traffic goes to the websites ranking in the top few positions. Some key takeaways from this study include: Almost 1/3 of traffic goes to the website ranking in position 1 of the Google search re

Which Social Media Platforms Are Best For Traffic Generation?

Image credit: Pixabay Social media is a vital marketing channel for brands, but you don’t want to waste time on the wrong platforms. If you are using social media as a traffic generation tool, you need to be clear on how the platforms work, as well as how to make the most out of them. Here is all you need to know about generating social media traffic from the top platforms. Twitter Twitter has seen something of a hit in recent years, reporting falling user levels in the face of other social giants such as Facebook. But despite that, it’s still a formidable player in the social sphere. For marketers, Twitter is great for sharing blog content. links and strong integration with automatio

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