Case Study: An Analysis of the Bayards Cove Inn Website

June 26, 2017

It's been a few weeks since my last website review, so sorry about the lack of updates guys, but I've simply been busy, not slacking, I promise!


In the past few days, I finally had enough time to do some outreach to find another business willing to let me review their website for your benefit, and as always, many of the businesses I contacted either didn't want me to review their websites, or did not want these reviews revealed publicly, and that, of course, is totally fine.


I did however, find a great local business who were more than happy for me to create a review of their website and publish it here.


Introducing Bayards Cove Inn...


Thanks guys!


The Bayards Cove Inn website is nicely designed and does a lot of things right, but it also has some room for improvement, which is great, because it gave me a lot of things to talk about!


And talk I did; the final review comes to almost 29 minutes long, so perhaps make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable before you start watching. It's worth the time though, honest  :)


My thanks again to Bayards Cove Inn, you should be able to watch the whole review via the embedded video below:





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